Klik Partners

Your partner to enter the U.S. market

moving your business to America? klik partners can help

We provide leadership, business operations, management, sales and marketing expertise needed to enter the U.S. market. Join Klik Partners and bring your European company to the European Center of Excellence in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Klik partners with selected companies entering or looking to strengthen their presence in the U.S. market by offering the highest quality of leadership with unequaled services including management, logistics, marketing, sales, front office as well as back office services. We do not merely assist with your needs, consult and offer advice to you but rather we become your partner in the United States.

Entering the United States market will undoubtedly be a challenge without a rock solid U.S. partner. Our expertise in the global business environment along with our intimate knowledge of multitude of industries allows you to reach limitless potential. 

Our European Center of Excellence not only provides you with a U.S. home in Charlotte, North Carolina but more importantly it is a gateway to building your successful American business.