Email Marketing

emails are not what they used to be

email marketing campaigns tailored to your customers

Email marketing has one of the highest ROI of any marketing tool. These allow us to keep your brand in front of current and potential customers. This is perfect match for any ecommerce brand and brands that typically have longer sales cycles, or frequently release new products.

Our email marketing experts will work with your team to build segmented lists that help personalize content to where your customer is in their buying journey. According to Campaign Monitor, brands see targeted and segmented email campaigns driving nearly 58% of all revenue. 

Drip campaigns are also one of the most successful strategies we deploy for our clients. These are automated emails we design to go out in a specific order after a user signs up to receive your emails. This could be as few as 2 or as many as 10 emails that work to teach potential customers your brand, offer specials, and increase the chance of a sale. 

We will also work with three of the below points in the customer journey:

Product Category Abandonment

a user visits a category page but doesn't proceed to product detail page

Product Detail Abandonment

a user visits a product page but doesn't put anything in their cart

Shopping Cart Abandonment

a user puts a product in their cart, visits the checkout page but doesn't buy

91% emails are read on phones

Each of these users with receive a different set of automated emails designed to get them to come back and buy.

All the emails we create for you will be ready for mobile! 91% of smart phone users are checking emails on their phone frequently throughout the day.