Grund Grows

Direct-to-Consumer Sales Increase By 280% in 90 Days During Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic changed the way Americans and
consumers around the world shop literally overnight

Needless to say, such an enormous change made for some major opportunities for eCommerce companies all over the world. For Klik client it was no different.

Of course, it also made for major competition for brands operating in home textile niches that
focus on bed sheets, bath towels, bath rugs, throws and bath robes.

At the onset of the pandemic Grund was forced pivot from a wholesale focused company that sold into retail stores into a DTC company. This entailed:

  • Increased their presence on the right channels (specifically, social media),
  • Adjusted their ad copy to target staycations, cleanliness and awareness focused ads.
  • Developed relevant and valuable offers to address time-sensitivity (e.g. fast and free shipping to
    ensure orders were received in 2 – 3 days.).

Direct-to-Consumer Sales Increase by 280%
in 90 Days During Pandemic


The opportunistic initiatives led to MASSIVE revenues for Grund.
A 280% increase in DTC revenue in 90 days set in motion a business model pivot that continues to this day.