57 different types of Blog Posts and Email Messages

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Here are 57 different types of blog posts and email messages you can use for content creation. These types of blog posts and emails can work for any type of industry. If you’re not familiar with these terms, feel free to shoot me a message asking for an explanation, or have fun Googling them on your own to get some ideas.

You can create these content pieces using text, video, audio or images. Enjoy!

  • Answer Post
  • Attack Post
  • Behind The Scenes Post
  • Best of Post
  • Best of the Web Post
  • Cartoon Post
  • Case Study Post
  • Challenge Post
  • Checklist Post
  • Company Update Post
  • Comparison Post
  • Content Aggregator
  • Contest Post
  • Crowdsourced Post
  • Customer Showcase Post
  • Debate Post
  • Definition Post
  • Embed Reactor
  • FAQ Post
  • Freebie Post
  • Guard Down Post
  • Holiday Post
  • How-To Post
  • Income Report Post
  • Inspirational Post
  • Interview Post
  • Issue Post
  • Link Roundup Post
  • List Post
  • Meme Post
  • News Post
  • Off-Topic Post
  • Parody Post
  • People to Follow Post
  • Pick of the Week Post
  • Prediction Post
  • Presentation Post
  • Problem/Solution Post
  • Product Tips Post
  • Product Update Post
  • Profile Post
  • Project Showcase Post
  • Question Post 
  • Quote Post
  • Rant Post
  • Reaction Post
  • Research Post
  • Review Post
  • Satire Post
  • Series Post
  • Stats Post
  • Stat Roundup
  • Story Post
  • Survey Post
  • Trend Post
  • Ultimate Guide Post
  • What If Post
  • YouTube Cut Up

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