Email Nurturing

The Right Person + Right Content + Right Time = Email Nurturing Unlike email blasts that send the same generic information to everyone, email nurturing delivers specific information based on the recipient’s needs. When you combine valuable content targeted to a specific type of person at the right time in their buying journey, your emails get […]

YouTube and Your Business

Today you are going to learn all about YouTube. You might be wondering how YouTube relates to internet marketing. YouTube is an extension of the Google search engine.  It’s a video search engine. Millions of people search YouTube every day for informative, entertaining and inspiring content. People are searching YouTube for the content you are building on your YouTube […]

Re-Engaging Your Customer

Today I will introduce an email subscriber “re-engagement campaign.” If you run an email list you may not be fully aware that only 15 – 35% of people view your emails. If you are getting 5 – 10% of people to click a link to your website, you are doing pretty well. In this guide […]

Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fast growing social network that is a particularly good social network to choose if: 1. Women are a primary customer avatar for your business or 2. If the products and services you sell or the content you create is particularly visual. For example: Food Fashion Travel Beauty Design Understand How Pinterest Works Pinterest is […]

Selling on Social Media

Smart businesses make an impact with social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Paid social media strategies will be explained as part of this process. You probably are wondering which social media platform is best for your organization. Every business speaks to a different audience. You must run traffic on the platforms where […]

Making a Blog Post Great

Writing blogs is one of the most important things you can do on your website to give value to your customers. But how can you take a basic blog post and make it a great blog post? Once your blog post is written, don’t just click “publish” and forget it. Your hard work will get […]

Email Blasts vs. One-on-One Engagement

Small Biz, Big Potential  Your small business is doing AMAZING things. You’re innovative, generating game-changing ideas, superior products, and better service. Your goal is to GROW into something unique, something BIG. To reach your goal, you need marketing that engages MORE customers. BIGGER customers. BETTER customers. REPEAT, LOYAL customers. The Problem is… We live in […]

Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing Profits

Do you have your plan to win at the Internet? Would you consider opening up a brick and mortar business without putting together the plan before you make an investment? How hard would it be for success if you didn’t plan? Yet, this is exactly what people do every single day in the online world. They […]

Are You Ready To Do The Work?

Are you willing to put in the time and effort to create a thriving online business? Building an online business is as demanding as a brick and mortar.  I’m not talking about putting in a few hours a week and hoping it works. I’m talking about putting in 8 hours a day until your online […]

Promoting Your Facebook Posts

A popular and powerful type of Facebook advertising is the promoted post. This is one of the easiest ways to promote your business’ Facebook page.   What is a Promoted Post? Promoted posts are a form of Facebook advertising that allow you to pay for additional exposure of the posts you create on your Facebook page’s […]