Our focus is building your brand through storytelling to drive revenue!

Klik is a digital marketing agency in Asheville that helps brands identify their target market, find them online, and drive them to your website using search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media, PR, video, and photography. 

We use storytelling through the written word, video and imaging to help you build trust and position you as an industry thought leader. Book your free strategy session.

The focus of klik is for you to succeed.

To do this we implement 3 key values to every business.

  1. Setting realistic goals and surpassing them everyday.
  2. Engage your demographic and convert new customers.
  3. Re-engage your new and old customers with the intent on making you a household name.

content that speaks

Whether it is a blog post, an email, or just new content, our experienced writers have you covered. 

targeted marketing

Our certified advertising specialist will put together an ad campaign plan that simply works. 

let's get social

Social media can be a great way to keep your brand in the eyes of your customers

visually speaking

Video and photos can have a huge impact. Studies have shown and increase in sales up to 80%.

Insight from the team...

Digital Marketing Blog
Eric Fransen, Your Trusted Advisor

Email Nurturing

The Right Person + Right Content + Right Time = Email Nurturing Unlike email blasts that send the same generic information to everyone, email nurturing delivers specific information based on the recipient’s needs. When you combine valuable content targeted to a

Digital Marketing Blog
Eric Fransen, Your Trusted Advisor

YouTube and Your Business

Today you are going to learn all about YouTube. You might be wondering how YouTube relates to internet marketing. YouTube is an extension of the Google search engine.  It’s a video search engine. Millions of people search YouTube every day for informative, entertaining and

Digital Marketing Blog
Eric Fransen, Your Trusted Advisor

Re-Engaging Your Customer

Today I will introduce an email subscriber “re-engagement campaign.” If you run an email list you may not be fully aware that only 15 – 35% of people view your emails. If you are getting 5 – 10% of people